Terms and Conditions for Skype Consultations by Grow It Right Aquaponics

I am entering into a consultation agreement with Grow It Right Aquaponics. I agree to the following conditions:

  1. Client interview: We will discuss the start-up packet and the pre-interview questionnaire as well as discuss any photographs of the client may provide. This includes any additional questions the client may have.
  2. Data collection: We will discuss your measurements and notes (including climate and weather patterns in your specific location).
  3. Resources: We can guide you through choices such as how to choose the right seeds, find fish and aquaponic equipment.

As part of the initial consultation we will provide a verbal report that will include: a detailed review of the analysis, a suggested design approach specific to your location and a recommendation for fish and vegetables that will grow well in your system.

The Cost for a thirty minute Skype consultations is $49.99. Your payment must be received before the day of the consultation. Payments can be made through paypal or by money order.

Initial consultations can be followed up with a Stage 2 Plan. If you like our ideas and need more assistance we can expand upon your system consultation. We can help you with a variety of needs which include but are not limited to: turning your ideas into a design plan, detailed cost estimates, discuss any additions you would like to make, construction assistance and more.

Consultation times are subject to change or cancellation for the following reasons: unforeseen illness, injury or personal matters. In this case a new report date will be agreed upon. If a report date agreement cannot be reached due to any of the before mentioned reasons; the client is entitled to a refund.