Aquaponic Tips

Practice fish keeping

  • Familiarize yourself with fish keeping practices. It will help you with skills such as testing water quality as well learning to recognize potential problems and how to correct them.
  • Don't buy feeder fish to start your system. The purpose of feeder fish is to feed other animals. They are usually kept in over crowded tanks and carry diseases such as ich as well as internal or external parasites.

Start small

  • It is a good idea to try a practice run before diving into to aquaponics. Try a few different crops at first. Then find your niche. Good plants to practice with are lettuce, spinach or other greens.

Buy quality fish and seed (or starts)

  • Know the source of you fish, fish food and plants. Only purchase healthy fish from a reputable business.
  • Aquaponic systems grow organic fish and vegetables. Only feed your fish the highest quality food available. Supplement their diet with live food whenever possible.
  • Buy quality seeds. Research your seed supplier and look into local seed varieties and local seed banks.

Take Notes

  • Observe your aquarium or aquaponics system. Check your water quality regularly you can purchase test strips at any aquarium store.
  • Observe your fish are they swimming happily or lethargic? Do they eat all their food quickly?  

Take a workshop 

  • Aquaponics workshops are available in many areas. See our workshop schedule for the classes we are currently offering.
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