What We Offer

Aquaponic Consultations

An initial consultation includes:

1. Site inspection: We will view your location. We recommend a personal visit but this can also be done with video or photos. 

2. Client interview: We will discuss the start-up packet and any questions you may have. We take into careful consideration of our client’s goals and incorporate them into a design report.

3. Data collection: We will take measurements and notes (including climate and weather patterns in your specific location). If it is not possible to visit your site location we will guide through the measurement process.

4. Resources: We can also guide you through choices such as: choosing the right seeds, fish, aquaponic equipment and where to find them. 

After the initial consultation we will provide a report that will include: a detailed report of our analysis, a suggested design approach specific to your location. As well as, a recommendation for fish and vegetables that will grow well in your system. We are also able to help with system installation questions (by phone or by email) after the initial consultation.

Initial consultations can be followed up with a Stage 2 Plan. If you like our ideas and need more assistance we can expand upon your system consultation. We can help you with a variety of needs which include but are not limited to: turning your ideas into a design plan, detailed cost estimates, discuss any additions you would like to make, construction assistance and much more.


We also offer a variety of educational workshops. Classes include: Introduction to Aqauponics, Planning and Constructing an Aquaponics System and more. We will bring our workshops to you. We offer outreach to small groups interested in Aquaponics. For a list of our current and upcoming events visit our Workshop page or give us a call 707- 407- 9093.

We Now offer Skype Consultations.